Thursday, November 17, 2005

NBC:Taking sides with E-Ring and more

Wizbang's Jay Tea posts with "NBC takes sides in the war on terror -- and it ain't ours" on last night's E-Ring episode the plot of which was crazed Christian militiamen (NBC calls them "a radical Christian collective ... cue: Borg music ... hey, at least they used a capital "C") taking Muslim worshippers hostage in a Detroit Mosque.

I watched some of it and it was terrrrrrible. I quit watching and spent time until Law and Order between the frig and playing with the cats. Then came L&O, and, surprise, same side different plot. Law & Order's (read: "ripped from the Bizzo World headlines) was chasing down a son-o-bitchin', murdering Border Minuteman who killed a trucking company owner who moonlighted as an illegal alien trafficker who happened to have killed a bunch of them when the AC system went on the fritz. Bad Minuteman!

There's a twofer for you. Nothing like wearing your political position on your TV programs.

More: Steve Sailer has a similar take (start with his original post, here, then go to the former link) on this with a production twist to the years of L&O that I hadn't noticed. I guess I was just interested in the good drama and didn't pick up on it until it became as blatant as last night. I should have guessed where it was headed when they started promoting it with "ripped from the headlines."

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