Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Open Source Media?

I must say, I am underwhelmed. That's a subhead, or descriptor as in "An Open Source Media", something in the style and meaning that "Newspaper of Record" gives gave the NYT's.

While it will show up prominently in news searches soon, it will have stiff competition in the world of the web at least as far as the name goes. I do wonder the extent to which it will clutter up "open source media" searches and the costs to it from the confusion with all the other "open source" media related concepts.

Finally, I wonder about the depth of litigation which poses in the rough and tumble world of brand names and ultimately OPM's recognition value. Take, for instance, the Open Source Meda, Inc. suggested in this post. It's possible that is the reason the difference between it brand name "Open Source Media" and it's underlying corporation OSM Media, Inc. kind of means Open Source Media Media, Inc.

Like I said, I'm underwhelmed, though that feeling is only associated with OSM's effort to brand itself, not the product it intends to supply. I can't praise the latter enough, which I won't because they certainly don't need it from me and I'm too busy with other things, like reading what they have so far.

I'll be reading it daily.

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