Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sony is so funny

Okay, maybe it the CBC story isn't perfectly accurate but at least they link to an indepth story (kudos to them for the link filled report) that explains Sony's nightmare in all it's gory detail.

I got a kick out the fact that Sony dumped a ton of CD's on the market with a system of copyright protection that mimicks the methods spyware, malware, and viruses use to steal information from your computer, surreptiously and without compensation. Gee, just like music pirates do. Duh!

The other very humorous item was that Sony has refused to tell the public what CD's had this problem even though some websites maintain and update lists of which CD's have that problem. LOL.

What's interesting is that the indepth report indicates the subject CD's were only sold in the US, however, the title of the former CBC article says "Thousands of recalled Sony CDs sold in Canada". Sony is on top on what's happening in their distribution operation. (Heh, don't they use bar codes for tracking? -Ed)

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