Thursday, November 24, 2005


When I was very young, I was given the idea that Thanksgiving Day was the day in which we give thanks to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on our family in the past year. For you, fair reader, it was likely the same, though, of course, the thanks, like mine, were more comprehensive than those exemplified by the "First Thanksgiving" celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621. In that year, the thanks were primarily for God bestowing ample rains and that the land then yielded bountiful harvests. But then, that was but one day of their year.

That simple idea was sufficient for a young boy and having it that clear and simple allowed me live an easy life with that mode of thinking. Thanks for this and thanks for that, the food at the table and lots of other things, too. Almost all of them for going to God for providing these things.

I don't know whether I had been having "day-dreaming" moments during all the many times my parents and teachers worked to have my simple idea mature. Maybe, I was paying attention but it wasn't taught as clearly as I had needed it to be. I don't doubt it had been mentioned but, in either event, I kept the simple idea for such a long time that on most days, and even this morning, that is the point of reference I start from in thinking about what I should be thankful for on this day.

But I don't believe that as much anymore and I hope what I believe now represents a maturing idea. For I believe, today, that except for the rare occasion when He especially wants to send a special message either Himself or by messenger, God has provided only four things while everything else he allows to happen in the natural course of existence Those four things are knowledge of him, a world wherein the opportunity to be with him is set, the freedom to choose the path to him, and examples by which those interested can learn a path.

And that is where I am today in thinking what I should be thankful for this year and here's my list before I have to, yet again, begin preparations for the feast, by cleaning and stuffing the turkey and popping it in the oven. I'll make it simple and quite encompassing this year: First, and foremost, thanks, God, for those four things. Secondly, I give thanks to God for his merciful promise not to delay or deny me Heaven for my mistakes and transgressions I regret. Then thanks to all those who have set examples, both of good and bad, that I learned of this year for I they have helped me on my path. And finally, to get a head start on next year, I hope to be thankful next year that I learned to not proscrastinate so well.

Here's a nice short history of Thanksgiving. Happy thanking, and eating, everyone.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Dusty.

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