Tuesday, November 15, 2005

TigerHawk updates SDB; more sure to follow

Like I wanted to be reminded of Steven Den Beste's September 2003 '"Strategic Overview" of the cause of the war' as he described it. It was shockingly clear compared to what passed for expert views massaged by the main stream media. And it was rivetingly persuasive. So, I loved it and referred to it often in discussions at home. It was the discussion that developed as a result that still chills my spine when reminded of it.

But the discussion is not to be ignored, can't be ignored, so it is good that the discussion is being recounted and refreshed with TigerHawk taking the lead by updating Den Beste's post. I had wanted to refer to it when I first saw it, but that lost to a distraction. I will do it now that I am reminded by this Joe Katzman post that compiles links to Den Beste's original, TigerHawk's update and some of the best follow-on work to date about on the war's "big picture." The whole thread is a must read and be sure to watch for the second run of discussion that's sure to follow.

The blogosphere has taken amazing strides since this first swept through. I hope discussion of this most serious subject will feature more prominently in public square this time through than what passes for discussion in the halls of power today.

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