Monday, December 05, 2005

Has YahooNews become a posting forum?

How did this get into the YahooNews aggregator? (Currently the second item in "Most Popular".)

An opinion column by Richard Reeves with no organizational attribution and a title with SCREAMING CAPS.

I have never seen a title in Yahoo News with all caps! Gee, you could never imagine what it screams could you:


Hey, make it bold why don't you. Oops, they did that, too.

How's Paris, Richard?
Sorry for not posting Sunday. I got up this morning to a computer that wouldn't boot and spent all day reloading everything. As you would expect, I was all smiles today until I saw this. But now I'm really ticked but not so ticked that I didn't have the presence of mind to print screen both pages. I'll load them up here tomorrow when after dl'ing an ftp plug-in.

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