Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq Votes: News they would use ...

... and thank God, that the MSM didn't catch wind of that protest demonstration at a polling station in Erbil or they would have found some way to set it in the standard "It's a failure!" perspective:

We also asked him about the voter's turnout and he answered "it was more than what we expected," and regarding the obstacles they faced today he said "the only obstacle we faced today was some 14 to 17 years old boys who wanted to participate and when we prevented them they organized some kind of demonstration in front of the station!"
I may start to read some of the MSM's opinion laced stories eventually, but my dread for doing so is confirmed by some who already have waded in to critique. Both Jason and Austin Bay noticed the NYT's blatant effort to infest a story with opinion ladened adjectives for almost every event reported, large and small. At Austin's post, he excerpts five sequential grafs, three of which have the NYT's requisite references to bombing and violence. And if it isn't that variety of opinion modified event, it's another species of imminent doom guaranty or spectre looming warranty.

If Iraqi's were trapped in the NYT's Iraq, it would have long since been a deserted place -- Iraqi's would have all killed each other, committed mass suicide, fled the country or some combination of all. But in the real world, today was a day of national celebration. Ten million adults roamed distances by foot to polling stations to exercise a fundamental freedom and then back home while children played in the streets.

Sure, there were some acts of violence with intent, if not to kill, then to disrupt. But there was no massive scurrying in fear at the isolated bangs and booms, only a courageous, determined, and, I think, unperturbed, country wide march forward to stability and an entrenched freedom. As Bill Roggio noted at the end of his post from this morning:

Barwana, once part of Zarqawi self declared "Islamic Republic of Iraq", is now the scene of al-Qaeda's greatest nightmare: Muslims exercising their constitutional right to chose their destiny.
And they are choosing their destiny, daily, individually and as a nation while growing multitude of Iraqi patriots are learning to effectively man the walls and watchtowers so that eventually, someday, those freedoms can be taken for granted. This was one of those days, a very big day.

That's is what NYT's opinion ladling reporters and those like them should but don't want to see in any event occurring in Iraq.

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