Tuesday, December 20, 2005

News Searches

Has anyone noticed that Both Google and Yahoo's New searches are limited to the range of only one month?

I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I'd swear this is something pretty new, since I had searched for news articles before and received hits older than one year. But in a search on Google I was doing yesterday, I didn't get what I wanted went to their advanced search. I found I couldn't go back any further than 30 days. I went to Yahoo and it was the exact same thing.

The more I think about, I'm 99.9% sure this is new. I usually use one or the other but use Alta Vista News when I want to weed out all the hits outside a particular time frame But I have compared them before and both Google and Yahoo had provided real "anytime" search capabilities, not some fake "anytime" as in "anytime in the last 30 days". But, even Alta Vista is confined to about the last 30 days in spite of the fact their search Help specifically states that you can search by date further back, like in a time range of 2004. I did that and only got the last 30 days.

Has anyone else noticed this? Did I not notice it has always been this way?

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