Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Posting Delays

I have had two problems keeping me from posting since Sunday. The primary one is that I haven't been satisfied with what I have prepared. I have one on torture & legislation, the Cory Maye case, ABC news, a Meet the Press post in the hopper, in various states of completion. They are in those states because of the second problem -- getting my computer back to speed since a crash on Saturday.

I had to get a new Zone Alarm and am trying the complete version; a new Firefox (1.5) which is a Beta version, and also reload my Norton System Works and all have given me problems, the latter two, FF & NSW, being software/computer problems; ZA was feature illiteracy problems. I spent 5 hours trying to get NSW operating and several hours yesterday trying to figure out why I could not enter Blogger or several other sites because of cookie settings.

Meetings today will further the delays, but I will note that I spent last night reading Dan Darling's posts and Trent Telenko's (plus the comments) and one of Mark Bowden's Atlantic Magazine articles (provided by Tom Holsinger in the comments of Trent's post, the other one he provided requires subscription.)

Monitor eye strain eventually sent me to reading The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China, translated by Ralph D. Sawyer, late into the night. Dry, so far, (the book) and slow (me).

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