Thursday, December 15, 2005

Straight reporting the Iraqi vote

Pajamas Media is providing reporting on the provincial level via Iraqi correspondents arranged by Iraq the Model (ITM). ITM is providing the same on their blog with, as usual, comments activated.

So, not only are the Iraqi vote stories exciting, but the views of the correspondents and their writings are, too. I don't think I have seen one report indicating the news as Bush's last stand, identifying the activities with all sorts of Administration hinges, relating a hundred if's to possible world disfiguring consequences or blanketing it with lurking and ominous insurgent threats. So refreshing.

Finally, Bill Roggio has posted what's occurred where he's been roaming. I've only waited for it since 5 AM. Here's hoping Michael Yon gets something posted. I really dread having to go to the Main Stream Advocacy Media for their reports.

Update: A commentor at Roggio's post links to the Fairbanks News-Miner Blog of Margaret Friedenauer, who is embedded with 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Mosul and will be there for the next 6 weeks. She has a post up worth reading (unfortunately it is not loading for me beyond the intro; I hope you have better luck.)

Update II: I am really impressed with the Iraqi Votes correspondents. There's dawn to dusk coverage. Most had coverage of the first voter in their region and they touched on the atmosphere at the stations and thereabouts. Oral exit polling and one handed out informal surveys. Interviews of the IECI officials were made to round out what the correspondents were seeing. And each correspendent's view, when it did show up was subdues and clearly set off as being personal -- none of that reporter's editorializing via passively transferring their view onto some suitably anonymous individual or group agent. Damn nice to read. (I haven't even look at the competition, yet.)

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