Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Same boat, different squatters?

"Say what you will about the so-called mainstream media, but no industry agonizes more about how to improve its product, police its own members and better serve its communities. Newspapers are filled with carpal-tunneled wretches, overworked and underpaid, who suffer near-pathological allegiance to getting it right."

Kathleen Parker
"Lord of the Blogs"

Okay, Member Lords, I need to know if one of us recently wired squatters instigated this debacle of a false report from West Virginia. Don't worry, though, 'cause I don't agonize, or police and have no near-pathological allegiance to getting it right. I just want to compulsively obsess -- too much caffeine and all that.

Besides, even after I find out, I'll imply it was someone else's fault in any reporting.

Mote, beam ... I'm out of here.

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