Monday, February 13, 2006

Damn that Cheney, ...

... he shot my prediction all to hell. (Reg req'd. for first link.)

I watched the some of the falderal from the White House Press Club Corps via the various broadcast news shows. ABC made the greatest effort to portray the grilling reporters gave Scott McClellan as serious inquiries by professional journalists. (Here's an ABC written report by Patricia Wilson.)

Even that effort could not camoflage the obvious. Every question posed by a reporter in the Club Corps that I heard (and more I have since read) was dripping with "You gave a scoop to a nobody? That was our scoop. There is a process established. How dare you!"

Normally, I would attribute this embarassing exhibition solely to getting caught in a well directed blast from Karl Rove's patented Lemmings Ray Gun but their own egos contributed way more to it this time.

Update: Actually, the reporters Kathryn Garcia and Jaime Powell of the Caller-Times did a good story on it. I'm glad they got the scoop.

More: Bwahahaha ... this is good in and of itself ...

... but read the initial part of Michelle Malkin's report to understand the context. As for Dana Milbank, did I say professional reporters were embarassing themselves? Why yes, I did.

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