Saturday, February 11, 2006

The dhimmis amongst us

Michelle Malkin makes note of Islamic Rule #23,698: No Valentine's Day Cards.

I wonder if the Indian police would think of using the same approach -- "Hey, let's cordon off the area and wait for them to go home!" -- with a bunch of anarchists who had rushed a police station, trashed it and took all their reports out in the street to burn them?

I certainly won't hold my breath while thinking AP would write up a similarly detached and 'moral equivalence' type article about "how no one was hurt in a half dozen, or so incidents" when a bunch of crazed fanatics ransacked AP offices and took all their copy and burned it in the streets while professing their convoluted logic.

Here's hoping AP's insurance company has included a clause for that inevitablility. Something along the lines of:

Negation and Proration Clause:

A. Any Public Reports by the Insured made in connection to an Event, out of which a Claim has been made or might arise, in which it might be reasonably inferred from that Report that no monetary damage occurred will be considered by the Insurer as an admission of same. Any Claims submitted or received, as such, will be thrown in our Garbage Can.

B. For Claims in which Public Reports have been published by the Insured that downplay damages that have occurred, see Proration Schedule in Section: Power-Factoring Your Way To Zero.
Update: Donald Sensing looks a little deeper at the the meaning behind both St Valentines Day and what might prompt the protesters' aversion to it in a crosspost at Winds of Change.

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