Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Help for the Furs

Normblog posts on the plan for a Rally for Darfur reported in Forward:

Jolted by the tepid response to the genocide in Darfur, Jewish communal organizations are mobilizing at an unprecedented level for an issue that might appear tangential to Jewish concerns.

National and local Jewish organizations are gearing up for a rally to be held April 30 in Washington under the aegis of the Save Darfur Coalition, which brings together more than 150 faith-based and human rights groups and in which Jewish organizations figure prominently. [...]
I noticed in other ... ahem ... news that there is approximately $400 Million the US doesn't see being used for refugees, ones I won't name here ... (cough) Palestinians (cough) ... that would go a long way towards helping the Furs.

I wager it wouldn't take 30 years of funding to for the Furs to get back on their feet. In fact, I saw a story just a few days ago that they are already learning about capitalism and private enterprise and all sorts of self sufficiency ideas in their refuges.

Fund the Furs! It's an idea that might resonate with the Europeans abut now, too. That would be a $1 Billion.

Who knows, maybe the Furs would like to buy danish butter cookies.

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