Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Help Hamshahri Contest

The Dissident Frogman is mocking an Iranian newpaper's Draw the Holocaust Contest. Hamshahri News announced the contest to test the West's committment to free speech by requesting submissions (that's a pun) for cartoons about the Holocaust and will publish the twelve best of the lot.

Well, if you want to help them out, here's where to send them:

(Click to enlarge)

Pick one. Pick anyone. I'm sure they will get to the right place! Give the chumps some good ones.

Update: Well, there are some who had the same idea. (ht: LGF)

1 Creaks:

Blogger Joey Bee creaked ...

I just recently put a post on my blog pointing out the contradiction the leading newspaper Hamshahri is making against its own President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iranian President Ahmadinejad last week said, “The Holocaust is a "myth" that was created by Western powers to justify the creation of Israel in the heart of the Islamic world.” So, if the Holocaust is only a “myth”, I do not think it would be offensive to the Jewish population, or any type of effective retribution.

2/08/2006 3:29 AM  

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