Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Khamenei's World

There is a reason why people have gone so far as to caricature Mohammed. It's not, in general, because they hate Mohammed. It's because they are resorting to extreme means to point out the extremism infecting the Islam. This is how many see Islam and that is the direct result of Muslims allowing the extremists within their religious community to define Islam as extremist, so extreme that voices of moderation within Islam can hardly be heard through that cacophony of extremism . (I won't even mention losing your head if you dissent from that extremism.)

And now there is this:

The West's publication of the Prophet Mohammed cartoons was an Israeli conspiracy motivated by anger over Hamas' win in the Palestinian elections, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said today. [...]

"The West condemns any denial of the Jewish holocaust, but it permits the insult of Islamic sanctities," Khamenei said. [...]

The caricatures amounted to a "conspiracy by Zionists who were angry because of the victory of Hamas," he said, referring to the Palestinian militant group that won a surprise landslide victory in last month's elections.
Look for new caricatures of Mohammed to crop up showing him as a blithering idiot who has no concept of time. Me? I'll try to be constructive:

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