Thursday, June 15, 2006

Carbon Neutral Gore?

Via Tim Blair, Al and Tipper Gore claim they are now carbon neutral:

Tipper and I have switched to hybrid cars, installed clock thermostats, switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs, and we became carbon-neutral two years ago. That means after you reduce the greenhouse gas emissions as much as you can, you purchase offsets by reducing carbon dioxide elsewhere in the world.
And we're supposed to take his word for that? Here's some more questions for Al.

Which hybrid cars do you have?

Now that you have left the stone age and have clock thermostats, what are the settings for AC and heating when you are there during peak daily periods?

So you have compact fluorescent bulbs, but do you have presence sensors?

What's your averge monthly gas and electric bill, now, for the two of you? By the way, do you have more than one home?

Lastly and most importantly, how much did you give last year, and the year before, to charitible organizations having the mission of reducing CO2 sothat you can claim carbon neutrality?

Oh, I almost forgot, why haven't you planted any trees?

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