Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Was a Civic Minded British Immigrant Teenager ...

Via Hot Air (and several other sites) comes this story of how the Brits are giving civics lessons to immigrants using a teaching pack called "9/11: The Main Chance". It appears as though it is another typical lefty appeasement, multicultural understanding approach to ending British civilization as we knew it.

That's certainly one perspective and, outwardly, it does appear to be the case. But the flip side is that the Brits are a fiendishly clever lot and at their best when they're down. Remember, they have MI6, that super secret intelligence organization. It pulls the strings everywhere in British government, often without the lefty appeasment oriented government officials even seeing or feeling the strings. And they shoot people. And even when they don't, they get other law and order types to, which those law and order types then have to apologise for ... okay, sorry, I am getting carried away.

Anyway, this is an information war against the Islamists as much as it is a shooting war and the Brits don't like guns. What better way to get catch Hadji Dads and Hadji Brothers and Neighborhood Hadji Imams, than to mine the insider knowledge of poor little Hadji Boy who has to attend civics classes? They are the ones who sit idly by and not noticed during adult conversations of conspiracy, sometimes sitting on the top stair listening when they should be in bed, or sitting like a molehill amongst the mountains of men in the Mosque listening to the Imam's sermon. And they are most vulnerable to bragging and calling ideas their own when, in fact, they have only overhead the idea at the home or at the Mosque.

Overcome their teenage suspicious nature, tap into that desire for secret sharing and gossip spreading. Take hold of that urge to brag. Use them. "9/11: The Main Chance" could be a perfect tool.

... Tune in next year for "How I Turned In My Hadji Dad With a Worksheet."

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