Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My God, Andrew Sullivan is an ASS!

Times two.

In the latter, he suggests Rumsfeld is no different, in his opinion, than Zarqawi. Then he puts on his moral supremicist hat to declare he is concerned our moral standing is in the gutter because he says so, reciprocity was the sole reason for the decisions for interrogation methods made early on in the war, and asserts that there's some cycle of barbarity being ridden in this war. Panties on the head = beheadings. Menstrual blood = beheadings. Waterboarding = beheadings. Etc. Etc. Etc. Of course there is somewhat of an equivalency here. Our guys do wrong, we bring them to justice; their guys do wrong, we bring them to justice. In his initial post, he was nice enough to ask us to pray for their rescue, but on finding out about what was mostly inevitable, not even a single sentence devoted to outrage at the terrorists actions. Just BLAME BUSH, as though beheadings, IEDs, VIEDs, and women and children shields were the result of our efforts at intelligence gathering which included having a woman show up in provocative clothing at an interrogation session. I wonder if he'd consider it a cycle if, when he insults my intelligence again, I cut off the worthless lout's head and then make a call for "EVEN!"

On the former post, Sullivan goes off half-cocked again, driveling on about how the President, is, of course, evil and sums it up with how "shallow, monstrous, weak, and petty" a man he is. But don't forget the contingent "if Ron Suskind's account is true" at the beginning. We've seen how reliable he is when he jumps at all sorts of conclusions based on wanting to be the first to interpret a story in the news. No doubt he will get his head handed to him, this time, again, self-inflicted, but we'll never see him put up the "Never mind." correction, because, you see, he has a bottomless barrel of reasons for having BDS.

More: Riehl World View also saw Sullivan flash himself. Too, bad he has better eyesight. Ugh, disgusting.

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