Monday, November 28, 2005

RMSP puts the heat on Malkin

I stopped by Michelle Malkin's site and see that the Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP) is writing her 'Cease and Desist' letters. It appears the RMSP feels she has maligned them by having suggested back on 10 November an association, ooh ooh, maybe I should say connection, with George Soros.

RMSP asserts in their letter to Malkin that there is no affiliation or connection between the RMSP and the Main Street Individual Fund (MSIF). In a letter from Dan Aubile of the Center for Responsive Politics which operates the website, that Malkin also posts, he notes that MSIF returned the contribution in question and has corrected their website. How it was brought to their attention is a mystery, but whatever the impetus, it wasn't strong enough to have them change the MSIF website link there to something other than the RMSP that the RMSP asserts they have no connection with.

It is interesting that the "Cease and Desist" letter sent by RMSP's legal representative would even be concerned with doing a Soros contribution search at in an effort to show Soros "gave $0 to the Main Street Individual Fund", a 527 the RMSP asserts they have no connection with, when there are other sources to show that Soros gave money to them in the past, such $50,000 in 2003 shown at and for the same.

With regard to the former page link, it is interesting to see sizable contributions from Amory Houghton, founder of RMSP, too. You would think his money would be better contributed to the organization he founded. Well, at least he figured it out by 2005.


Oh and by the way, as Michelle goes toe to toe with the RMSP, maybe she can ask Ms. Resnick Kirk Walder (his predecessor) about this paragraph from an article in The Daily Star, from August 19, 2004 that reported on a political attack on Republican Dr. David Walrath of Auburn when he was challenging Sherwood Boehlert during a Republican primary:

"Sarah Chamberlain-Resnick, executive director of the Republican Main Street Partnership, said Wednesday that while the two organizations maintain separate boards of directors and have different addresses, the Main Street Partnership did give money to the Main Street Fund and a related fund, the Main Street Individual Fund, when they were created two years ago."
Like I noted in my earlier post on this subject:
"I wonder how much more there is to dig up on this group? But before I go digging, I'd just like to say that if you had stopped me on the street and asked me if this kind of thing would be nipped in the bud by McCain-Feingold, I would have absolutely said, "Yes!" But, I don't sit around all day trying to think of mindboggling ways hide living high off the political hog, principles be damned."
Maybe I should add "mindbogglingly interconnected campaign contribution trading schemes streams".

Update: Why does this IRS reporting summary page give me the impression that something triggered an abrupt name change for Main Street Individual Fund. Four days after Malkin's post. That's weird! Not that there's any coincidence there mind you. Just Weird!!!!! And hey, they even found someone to take Sarah Chamberlain-Resnick's place three days later and just coincidenctly the same day the legal representative to RMSP, the RMSP that has no ties or connections to these groups, dated a letter to Michelle Malkin! LMAOROTFCAG

Update II: In light of the Main Street Individual Fund's Republicans Who Care Individual Fund's replacement of Sarah Chamberlain-Resnick by Kirk Walder, I have corrected the reference to Ms Resnick in the original body of the post. Damn it's hard to keep up with Republicans Who Care!

Update III: MacsMind suggests the RNC either lead, follow or get out of the way and Kokonut Pundits has more sources for a copy of the recently expunged record at OpenSecrets.

Update IV: A gracious thanks to Jason at Generation Why? for the link from his post on the subject. Might I suggest you take a look around or at least take a look at the first post I did on this subject, if you haven't already. In that first post I took a look at the contribution affinities of the other three contributors that had made the MSIF page with George "They didn't want my money" Soros.

Update V: Welcome Kokonut Pundit readers. Wander around, if you please. And thanks to you, Mike, for the link.

2 Creaks:

Anonymous Jo macDougal creaked ...

She brings liberal phonies to light no mater if the are Republican or Democrats. The ACLU has tried to stop her before and failed. I think these left wing Republicans will also fail. She is smart and honest which is more than can be said for a lot of liberal Republicans; starting with Bush.

11/29/2005 12:12 PM  
Blogger Mike McConnell creaked ...

Did you get visited by Center for Responsive Politics "" this morning or yesterday?

Generation Why? and Kokonut Pundits were visited by them via trackbacks on Michelle Malkin's blogsite.

Check out the screen captures.

11/29/2005 2:51 PM  

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