Monday, November 21, 2005

Who is John Daly ...

... the now well known professor that teaches at Warren County Community College.

Well, let's start off what he may be best known for -- attempting to unseat Representative Henry Waxman from the 29th District Congressional seat in California during the 1996 Election campaign. Representing the Freedom and Peace Party, John Peter Daly garnered 8,819 votes. Not enough to beat Waxman, but enough to not come in last. For that and for running in the first place, kudos.

Having receded from that limelight, John Peter Daly, in the here in now, is Adjunct Professor of English at Warren County Community College. Based on an essay in this publication of Inside English (pg. 7; pdf file), it appears he has a great understanding of his field and writes about it well. (Well, I was impressed with it, but then I am not an English major.) It is likely those attending classes he instructs get their money's worth.

But John Daly had another preoccupation around 1996 and his recent declaration that he is a member of International ANSWER indicates he is still involved in that preoccupation. It is worth knowing somewhat about it to understand his vituperative e-mail response to Rebecca Beach, the Young America's Foundation WCCC chapter founder who sent an innocuous e-mail to faculty touting an appearance of war hero Lt. Col. Scott Rudder at the college.

From what can be retrieved from the Internet, the preoccupation is his dark side, a side that is quite anti-American. I have no idea what the ideals of the Freedom and Peace Party are or what criteria Party officials use in selecting their candidates. But in the period around 1996, John Daly was a member of Workers World -- a correspondent for their News Service and representative of the group at functions, meetings, protests and recruitments both here and abroad.

For instance, according to this reprint of an article in the Workers World Newspaper, travelling overseas in 1996 Daly, along with Rachel Redondiez, and Robyn Rodriquez:

"were featured speakers at the event, sponsored by the International Action Center and the National People's Campaign. Their talks exposed what has been hidden by the corporate media here in the United States.

The three were part of a U.S. delegation that traveled to the Philippines in November. Redondiez is an organizer with Hotel Employees Local 2 as well as a League of Filipino Students activist. Daly, a Workers World Party member who just ran for Congress in Los Angeles on the Peace and Freedom ticket, is an activist with the International Action Center.

While in the Philippines the three attended the Anti-Imperialist World Peasant Summit, held in Manila to oppose the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation summit and the capitalist class's global grab for profits.

More than 200 activists from people's organizations around the globe attended the event. They also joined marches, rallies and a caravan despite government harassment, military checkpoints, and in some cases deportation.


Daly explained the history of U.S. domination of the Philippines--and the responsibility that places on the progressive and working-class movement in the United States.

"Whoever I met with," he said, "the one question that was on the minds of Filipino people, what they looked to most in the fight against foreign and U.S. domination--was the solidarity and potential for solidarity from the workers' and people's movements here in the United States.

"Their hope is [that] the growing consciousness resulting from the conditions in the U.S.--from downsizing, layoffs, elimination of people's rights, attacks on affirmative action, immigrants' rights, labor and all sectors of society--will bring about the basis for links of struggles in the U.S. with the struggles worldwide."

It appears Daly wrote many articles for the Workers World News Service. Here is one extolling the virtues of treason and shooting Americans entitled "Hung by U.S. 150 Years Ago: Long Live The Fighting Spirit of "San Patricios".

Here's one extolling solidarity with Cuba in 1997.

Here's one that, while reinforcing the truth to the adage that even a stopped clock can be right sometimes, still shows his propensity for wanting those with contrary views to not only shut up when on campus but also the desire associating with groups willing to drive them from those places in a forceful and violent manner:

California students protest David Duke's talk
By Workers World Los Angeles bureau

On Sept. 25, over 700 people came out in Los Angeles to protest the appearance of David Duke, whom they called "a Klansman in a three-piece suit."


Among the protesters were Workers World Party candidates for president and vice-president, Monica Moorehead and Gloria La Riva.


"Racist reactionaries like David Duke cannot be tolerated. His support of Proposition 209 exposes the 209 proponents' real agenda, backed by big business and rabid racists like the Klan. "While totally dismantling the gains won through the civil rights movement, it institutes cutbacks that only benefit the ruling class," Moorehead

Proposition 209, on the November ballot, would end state affirmative-action programs in California.

The students who came out against the Klan got a lesson in how the police and Klan work hand in hand. It is common knowledge to many in the progressive movement that the Klan is a secret terrorist organization that is supported and protected by the capitalist state. But for many of the students, it was their first experience in dealing with the Klan and the police.

When the debate ended, police in riot gear attacked the protesters and those who were just there out of curiosity. The police used tear-gas projectiles and started to club students-all in order to protect and escort David Duke off the campus. Six protesters were arrested and two were taken to the hospital.

John Peter Daly, a Workers World Party member, gay activist and student at CSUN who is running for Congress in the 29th District on the Peace and Freedom ticket, said:

"David Duke should be in jail, not have the right to speak on this campus. The Klan used murders, kidnappings, burnings, lynchings, whippings and mass terror for over 200 years. Groups that espouse racist genocide do not have the right to express their fascist ideas."
"Free speech for me, but not for thee", still seems to be John Daly's modus operandi. Sensitivity training might be a good idea after all. Then he could could go back and teach member of International Act Now to Stop War and End Racism shouldn't include hoping our troops frag their officers and come home to fight a civil war for them.

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That was definitely an eye-openner. Thank you for the research.

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You're welcome, shoprat. Thanks for commenting and stop by again.

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