Saturday, February 04, 2006

The issue couldn't be clearer ...

... or the stakes higher. As Jawa says: "Please circulate it or post it to your website. Yes, it's that good."

Buy Danish!

I don't suppose you have missed the Instapundit round up, but in case you have, here.

Tim Blair has been on the story, too. For example here, here, here, here and here.

And Silent Running, off and running since 4 January in the Buy Danish Campaign and only ones I have seen with t-shirts to that effect, have been posting up a storm. Here's their most recent to date, noting that Syria allowed an act of war to be perpetrated against Denmark, and then keep scrolling. Might I note that same act has also been perpetrated against Norway now, too.

Chap discusses parasites and the enemy.

Hoder notices Iran seems too busy to get involved too much. (via Coming Anarchy, who is also posting good stuff.) Well, my last post might change that.

Did I say BUY DANISH!?

Update: Austin Bay, writes more about Syria's hypocrisy and perfidity. Meanwhile Marvin Hutchens at ThreatsWatch tours the battlefield and makes some a poignant concluding observations. (I hate stealing thunder, go read them.)

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1) Buy Danish!

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