Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Yahoo News manipulation in progress?

Well, the driveling little dirge by Richard Reeves has now made it to the top of Yahoo News' Most Popular category.

(Click on pic to enlarge)

Since Yahoo will not attribute the news source that supplied this blather on news that is 19 months old but puffed up as "last week" stuff, I'll ask here. Is anyone familiar with a source monographed as "UCRR"? This is what shows in the location were the news source initials would be in the url.

At first I was a little disgruntled about a lot of the characteristics of this story. The politics of it aside, I'm used to the nastiness of a lot of news and opinion. What agitated me was the other things. To the best of my knowledge it never showed up in other categories. It's unattributed -- there is no way to complain about it with the publication/distribution organization. And the header is nowhere near the standards of Yahoo is accustomed to having - its all in caps and the entire title is bold.

Per my previous post, here, I had tracked down the fact that Richard Reeves is opining not on a survey that came out last week but one done in May 2004.

You'd think this would never make the light of day or be retracted in within one news day cycle at worst. But here it is, going into it's fifth day, still being puffed on account of it being a top e-mailed item and now the top emailed item.

I'm beginning to suspect that this column is being used to scam Yahoo News in a way similar to Google Bombing. But I'm kind of glad it's still there and hope it last a while longer. The longer it stays up the longer Richard Reeves is advertised as being 19 months behind the rest of the world, at best. Not a good thing, I would think.

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